10,000 shops and restaurants
across three continents

Our track record and network comes from delivering thousands of brands in hundreds of shopping centre and airport projects and properties.



Vindico_Aldar Community Retail_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination

A partnership that has delivered over 1,000 units.

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Vindico_Swarovski_project management_

Delivering a global brand across the Middle East.

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Vindico_Cityland_Cityland Real Estate Development_Tenant Coordination

Matching service flexibility with market volatility.

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VIN_LuLu Oman Portfolio_LuLu Group International_Tenant Coordination

A focused solution that delivers retail and value.

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Vindico_Dubai Airport Terminal Portfolio_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination

Better passenger experience through retail delivery.

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Vindico_Gossip Cafe and Desserts_Project Management

Helping home grown brands get open and earning. 

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Vindico_Aldar Portfolio_Aldar Properties_Retail Delivery.jpg
Vindico_Aldar Community Retail_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination

Vindico's flexible retail delivery solutions have followed Aldar's evolution from development pipeline to operating portfolio.

Vindico has been a key part of Abu Dhabi's largest retail property company's delivery capability since 2008 providing site based teams on projects including World Trade Centre and Yas Mall, to servicing a portfolio of twenty four shopping centre properties with an integrated content + design + manage + onsite retail delivery solution inside a unitcentric, variable fee model.

VIN_LuLu Oman Portfolio_LuLu Group International_Tenant Coordination
VIN_Yas South_Miral_Tenant Coordination

In 2018 Vindico's 'Brands & Building' strategy took a step forward when appointed by Swarovski to help manage the delivery of its Middle Eastern stores.  As the line between landlord and tenant blurs in a changing retail market, our focus on getting shops open remains.

Vindico_Swarovski_project management_
Vindico_Cityland_Cityland Real Estate Development_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Bahar_Miral_Tenant Coordination

Vindico_Gossip Cafe and Desserts_Project Management 

Vindico's retail delivery reputation was forged opening many shops and restaurants on a single day in projects.  As we have grown, our offer has evolved to offer large, fragmented retail portfolios such as Dubai Properties' the same commitment to getting shops and restaurants open and earning - on a unit-by-unit basis.
Vindico_Dubai Properties Portfolio_Dubai Properties_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Bluewaters_Meraas_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Place Vendome_United Developers_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Dubai Airport Terminal Portfolio_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Palm Mall_Al Jarwani Group_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Four Seasons Sowwah Square_Gulf Related_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Marsa Al Seef_Meraas_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Swarovski_Project Management
Vindico_Swarovski_project management_

Vindico's deep understanding of what-landlords-need-when takes time out of the process of getting Swarovski stores open and earning.

The relationship between Swarovski and Vindico goes back years.  As retail delivery managers for landlords, Vindico supported the brand open stores in multiple development projects.  Now as Swarovski's retail delivery manager, we know how to manage the design and fitout process to bridge the gap between brand and building and deliver what everyone is seeking - Swarovski stores that open on time in  development projects, and open in less time in operating properties across the Middle East and Turkey.

Vindico_Abu Dhabi Marina_Bloom Properties_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_La Mer_Meraas_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Outlet Village_Meraas_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Maryah Central_Gulf Related_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Riverland_Dubai Parks and Resorts_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_ABC Verdun_ABC Group_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Reef Downtown_Census International_Tenant Coordination

The opening of The Avenues development project in 2015 was a milestone in the evolution of Vindico's service model. Located in Muscat, Oman, Vindico trained the client's local team, supported them with out-of-the box systems, and executed all design review from our Dubai studio.

Vindico_The Avenues_Lulu Group International_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Dubai Design District_Tecom Investments_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Victoria Gate_Hammerson_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Nova Victoria_Land Securities_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Cityland_Cityland Real Estate Development_Retail Delivery.jpg
Vindico_Cityland_Cityland Real Estate Development_Tenant Coordination

The same thinking behind a bold, new retail destination saw beyond traditional outsourced resourcing to find a flexible retail delivery solution.

Dubai's Cityland retail and leisure destination is breaking the mould in creating a new age retail experience, and is breaking away from traditional construction procurement to find a retail delivery methodology that meets the needs of its brands and its budget.  Vindico's product-based content + design + manage + onsite solution inside a flexible fee structure based on outcomes achieved, not hours worked that manages client risk in a challenging leasing and trading market.

Vindico_Hammerson Portfolio_Hammerson_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Batten Wharf_TDIC_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Sidra Medical & Reserach Center_Tenant Coordination

In 2018 Aldar and Vindico celebrated ten consecutive years of delivering retail, a relationship that has responded to the changing needs of Aldar's retail business;  from getting shops open on time  in development projects to opening in less time across its operating portfolio

Vindico_Aldar Community Retail_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Dubai Airport Concourse D_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination
The challenges of executing large development projects in frontier markets leads to new ways of doing business. To open Mall of Qatar in Doha, Vindico overcame local immigration hurdles by having a Dubai based design and management team work seamlessly with a local on site team.
Vindico_Mall of Qatar_Urbacon_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_The District_TDIC & L Real Estate (LVMH Group) JV_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Welcome Pavilion Cascade Walk_Miral_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Heathrow Terminal 5 Luxury_Heathrow Airport_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_London Designer Outlet Centre_Tenant Coordination
VIN_LuLu Oman Portfolio_LuLu Group International_Retail Delivery.jpg
VIN_LuLu Oman Portfolio_LuLu Group International_Tenant Coordination

A business model that understands value and enjoys the freedom of adding only what it needs from a menu of retail delivery products.

LuLu Intertaional gives its customers value, and looks for value in managing its successful chain on hypermarkets across India and the Gulf states.   Vindico's retail delivery design product was all LuLu needed to balance outlay with outcomes, getting efficient, standardised and reliable design review in a unit-centric fee model for its portfolio of properties across Oman.

Vindico_Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal_Abu Dhabi Airport Company_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Maktoum Internationa Airport Phase 1_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Lulu Mall Fujeirah_Line Investmens & Property_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Dubai Airport Terminals 1 & 2_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Yas Mall_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination

Vindico has worked with the best in airport retailing. At Heathrow, our 2004 strategy for the new Terminal 5 became the project blueprint.In 2012 Concourse 'A' at Dubai International established a new retail benchmark for the world's busiest airport, where we have been delivering retail ever since.

Vindico_Dubai Airport Concourse A_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Al Wahda Mall_Line Investments & Property_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_The Mall World Trade Centre_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Boutik Al Ain_Aldar_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Heathrow Terminal 2_Heathrow Airport_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Capital Mall_Manazel Real Estate_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Dubai Airport Concourse A_Dubai Airports_Retail Delivery.jpg
Vindico_Dubai Airport Terminal Portfolio_Dubai Airports_Tenant Coordination

The changing retail real estate secor has much to learn from airports and Vindico's role in enhancing passenger experience is one we are proud to share.

As owner and manager of the world's busiest international airport, Dubai Airports is at the forefront of balancing operational efficiency, positive passenger experience and superior commercial performance.  The airport's retail and F&B offer is critical in achieving this mix and Vindico has been an integral part of the team that has been doing just that, in an environment that amplifies the experiential and commercial upside from getting shops and restaurant open and earning on time and in less time

Vindico_Rak Mall_Line Investments & Property_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_The Galleria_Gulf Related & Mubadala (JV)_Tenant Coordination

Vindico's third project for Landsec, One New Change,  saw us working with global brands and celebrity chefs (with Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay in adjacent units) on the site of a Roman market, next to St Paul's Cathedral in one of Europe's most architecturally and logistically  demanding locations.

Vindico_One New Change_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Cairo Festival City_Al Futtaim Real Estate_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Edinburgh Airport_BAA_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_The Souk at World Trade Centre_Aldar Properties_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_St Davids Dewi Sant_Land Securities Intu JV_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Arabian Centre_LALS Group_Tenant Coordination
The Vindico team first visited Dubai in 2004 and by 2007 could no longer ignore the booming UAE retail property market. The opportunity to get shops and restaurants open in the newly opened Dubai Festival City was the catalyst to launch in the Middle East, and was the incarnation of the term 'retailmometum'.
Vindico_Dubai Festival City_Al Futtaim Real Estate_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Blueback Square_Street Works_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Gossip Cafe & Desserts_Project Management.jpg
Vindico_Gossip Cafe and Desserts_Project Management

As the role of emerging and niche brands grows in curating engaging retail mixes, their capacity to perform in sophisticated property processes does too.

The traditional demarcation between landlords and tenants is blurring in an evolving retail real estate industry, Vindico's focus on gettings shops and restaurants open and earning straddles the fusion of brands and buildings.  With our pedigree in representing landlords, and as retail delivery managers for a locally owned Dubai start-up, we brought insight and experience to the tenant, and a smile to the landlord, both bound by a common interest in navigating each others processes to get open on time on time.

Vindico_Princesshay_Land Securities_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Rockville Town Square_Federal Realty Investment Trust_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Overgate_Lendlease_Tenant Coordination

In 2005, when Google was trialling Gmail, Vindico's use of emerging collaboration software allowed multiple designers spread across the USA to "crowdsource" architectural design review of tenant designs in Westfield's San Francisco Center redevelopment project.

Vindico_San Francisco Center_Wesfield_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Heathrow Terminal 5_Heathrow Airport_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Heathrow Terminal 1_Heathrow Airport_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Santana Row_Federal Realty Investment Trust_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Touchwood Solihull_Lendlease_Tenant Coordination
Vindico_Chapelfield_Lendlease_Tenant Coordination

Vindico's co-founders, whilst at Bluewater developer Lendlease, lead the retail delivery team that opened 321 shops and restaurants on 19th March 1999. We returned as a retail delivery supplier to get even more shops and restaurants open in a property that helped inspire the launch of Vindico.

Vindico_Bluewater_Lendlease_Tenant Coordination