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Yas Mall is Abu Dhabi's first super-regional shopping centres, second in size to neighbouring Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping centre. Aldar sought a Retail Delivery partner able to respond to the challenge of this flagship project and, after a competitive tender involving the biggest construction consultancies in the region, apponted Vindico to deliver the development's 400+ tenants in a single phase opening.

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Vindico undertook a peer review off the project's existing retail Design & Technical Criteria before deploying a site based team of Retail Delivery & Site Managers peaking at over twenty. The integrated Tenant Review process supported Aldar's high design aspirations, including architectural, MEP services and life safety compliance. Vindico spearheded the 'Public Face' strategy in tandem with strategic partners Volstrukt and Pop Retail to maximise active retail shopfronts at opening. A reduced team will remain on site through the post-opening stabilisation phase with the 'per tenant' fee structure facilitating continuity in ongoing Tenant Design Review and a rolling 'Pocket Shop' programme to build Yas Mall's momentum.
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Yas Mall opened on 19th November 2014 in conjunction with the 2014 Formula One Grand Prix. Of the XXX units commencing the Retail Delivery process twenty weeks or more before opening, YYY were ready to trade. Over XXX units commenced the process within 20 weeks of opening. XX of these were ready to trade at opening and the reaminder will be trading within two months of the grand opening. Vindico, Volstrukt & Pop Retail marketed, lesed, designed and installed XX PocketShops in twelve weeks, replacing static hoardings with a range of complementary retail brands that increases hopper engagement at opening.

Aldar has worked continuously with since 2008, with Yas Mall being the third, and most important of our shopping centre developments. Vindico's has responded to the demands of the project and has played an important role in working with our Retail Partners to achieve a high profile, successful opening

Peter Smith / Director of Retail Development
Aldar Properties


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