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Touchwood, which opened in September 2001, was a development project that set the benchmark for the pipeline of town and city centre development projects that defined the UK's retail property industry through the 2000's.

Developed by Lendlease in partnership with anchor tenant, John Lewis Partnership and the local authorities, Touchwood's design, by Eric R. Kuhne of Civic Arts created space for 80 new shops & restaurants within a footprint and architectural language that elegantly stitched itslef into the urban fabric of the existing 300 year old town centre.


Touchwood symbolised the UK retail real estate industry's swing back to urban regeneration, and the many new challenges and that came with it.  

Lendlease sought continuity in managing the complex space creation and brand execution dialogue it had built with its original tenants as the project transitioned through its post-opening stablisation phase.



Vindico provided a retail delivery content, design, manage and onsite solution to Touchwood.

As a start-up client for Vindico's UK office, we were able to provide in-depth knowledge of the building and the design narrative that brands needed to engage in, critical to maintaining the architectural integrity that spurned 'cookie cutter' shopfront designs that did not appeal to Touchwood's customers.

Vindico were embedded as part of our centre management team and provided exceptional service in managing tenant design approvals and fitout.

Ray Cliff
Asset Manager - Touchwood, Solihull

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