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LuLu Group operates one of the GCC's fastest growing chains of Hypermarkets, expanding rapidily across the region with a strategy of leveraging new store locations with associated shopping mall development. A part of the Emke Group, Vindico has previously worked with LuLu's sister company Line Investments, as Retail Design & Delivery Managers, and has now broadened the relationship to support LuLu directly in the opening of its own shopping centre projects, at the same time expanding our footprint across the region with our first project in Oman.

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The Avenues is a strategicaly important project for Vindico, in terms of expanding our footprint across the GCC and creating more flexible retail delivery solutions for our clients. Working with our local partners in Oman, the Aflag Group, we now have a presence and an active pipeline in a small but important GCC market. We have successfully created a 'blended' site team, with Vindico providing the team leader and administration staff overseeing staff provided by the Client and our local partner. This group is supported by Vindico training ans systems. Vindico created the Retail Design Guidelines to underin all retail and technical design review, delivered via our Dubai and London studios in a cost effective and effective solution.
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Importantly, we wont talk spcific numbers or dates here.  We will focus more on what we ended up doing for the client and the success of the prject / portfolio in broad terms.  The case studies will dive into more 'outcome' data and metrics.

'Outcome' here relates to 'Service' in the sales methodology (hence relating the outcome more in SLA terms than store opening terms).

Vindico were superb and we could not have done it without them. If you dont hire them, you don't know what you are doing!

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