Santana Row was one the first, and most successful of the large-scale urban regeneration developments that redefined the US retail property market through the 2000's.

A departure from the normal format for developer Federal Realty Investment Trust, Santana Row's bold focus on including 30 restaurants to anchor a destination retail mix of 80 new stores in an outdoor retail & residential streetscape had to navigate the dot-com recession and then one of Northern California's largest building fires on the way to its opening in November 2002. 


The delivery of Santana Row's complete retail and restaurant offering straddled its opening courtesy of a challenging leasing market and the destruction by fire of 40 units that were ready for opening.

These challenges did not overshadow the more inherent task of working with national brands well-drilled in enclosed mall settings and local restaurant operators to achieve design integrity in the 'new' external streetscape, whilst navigating the technical difficulties of learning to merge retail, residential and office requirements in a series of standalone buildings.

Vindico_Clients_Federal Realty Investment Trust


Vindico provided a retail delivery design, management and onsite solution for Santana Row.

As a start-up, Vindico provided continuity to Federal Realty in supporting the fastrack re-building of units lost to fire & water damage and ensuring the first openings during the project's stabilisation phase maintained the design integrity of mixing external retail and residential streetscape elevations.

The disassembling of large project teams is always difficult, so we were happy that the completion of Santana Row and the launch of Vindico coincided such that we could see out the delivery of this iconic development.

Marc McQuain
Vindico Founding Director
& Head of Tenant Coordination, Santana Row (2000-2002)

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