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Following the successful opening of Concourse A in 2012, Vindico was re-appointed by Dubai Airports to continue supporting the strategic focus on the quality of food & beverage offered to DXB's passengers. Councourse D will handle 25 million passengers and will create additional capacity as DXB grows to become the world's busient international airport.

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Building on the success in Concourse A of integrating the retail design & delivery processes into the fabric of the commercial relationship between the Airport and it's Concessionaires, Concourse D has provided an opportunity to further challenge and support brands to maximise the performance of each F&B space. In doing so, Vindico has bee able to support the ongoing vindication of the Dubai Government in allowing the Dubai Airport Commercial team the opportunity to directly conceive, deliver and manage the airports food & beverage offer, greatly improving both passenger experience and commercial returns.
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Importantly, we wont talk spcific numbers or dates here.  We will focus more on what we ended up doing for the client and the success of the prject / portfolio in broad terms.  The case studies will dive into more 'outcome' data and metrics.

'Outcome' here relates to 'Service' in the sales methodology (hence relating the outcome more in SLA terms than store opening terms).

Vindico were superb and we could not have done it without them. If you dont hire them, you don't know what you are doing!

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