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Chapelfield is city centre development project which opened on 21st September 2005 in Norwich in the United Kingdom.

Typical of the UK urban regeneration projects of the 2000's, Chapelfield significantly increased the City's retail footprint, with its 85 units accommodating over 50 new brands to the region in new build, fit-for-purpose retail space. 


Chapelfield was originally developed by Lendlease for Capital Shopping Centres (now Intu), as a follow-up to the successful Touchwood project in Solihull.

In a strong leasing market, Lendlease needed the capacity to efficiently coordinate retailer requirements within a complex, multi-level building without creating latent programme and logistic issues for the downstream tenant and client delivery teams.



Vindico provided a retail delivery strategy and management solution as part of an integrated leasing and retail delivery team. 

Our brief was to support the execution of leasing transactions by negotiating the 'physical' terms of each space, and coordinating the leasing lead change process with the project's design & construction team and local authorities.  At the same time, we established a master delivery programme which integrated leasing, construction, operations and retailer interfaces.

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