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Bluewater is one of Europe's most innovative and successful shopping centre developments.

Now part of the LandSec portfolio, Bluewater was originally developed by Lendlease and opened on 19th March 1999; embodying and executing innovation across retail planning, customer experience, design and community engagement.

The retail delivery approach challenged the development's 325 original tenants to integrate the Bluewater brand experience with their own, with 321 units trading successfully on opening day.


Bluewater stabilised quickly as an operating centre and as it entered the optimisation phase of its life cycle, Lendlease sought to refine core processes with a view to building on its position as a high performace retail & leisure destination that understood, and leveraged the co-dependent relationship with its tenants' brands.


Vindico provided a retail delivery strategydesign, management and onsite solution for Bluewater.  

Engaging directly with the property's teams and processes through instruction on the delivery of key lettings, we built a working knowledge that supported a strategic review of Lendlease Europe's retail delivery infrastructure.  

We enjoyed returning to Bluewater, to help consolidate an industry defining development's ongoing leadership role in  Europe's retail real estate landscape.

Peter Row
Vindico Founding Director
 & Bluewater Head of Retail Delivery (1998-2000)

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